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Most, if not all prostatitis sufferers experience that prostatitis is more an umbrella term than anything else. Of course listening to phrases along the lines of prostatitis being incurable doesn't improve the situation. But the statement does not have such a strong impact because prostatitis itself can in fact not be cured as it is not defined.
The solution to this is clearly defining what each man's prostatitis means in detail. And this is what this webpage is about.

It helps men find other men having the same presumed causes or/and symptoms and to build on other men's knowledge that could be tailored to each specific case.

If you do not find your symptoms listed, enter your own. The same goes for the presumed causes. To be found, please enter your details at the bottom of this page.

You can find more about how I try to manage my condition each day and try to find a cure at my blog.
Prostatitis symptoms and presumed causes
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  • To get results, you need to enter at least one presumed cause and at least one symptom.
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  • Always try to choose autocomplete entries that appear as soon as you type whenever possible. If you add a new entry, i.e. if you do not choose from autocomplete, please stick to correct grammar.
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